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Tenant Screening Background Check Facilitated By Automated Software Systems

Before you choose your next tenant, it is important that you use a verified tenant screening background check on all the applicants. This is an essential part of your homework as a landlord because it will help protect you from lots of undesired and problematic situations in the future.


There are different types of checks that a landlord can run through using an automated system:


  • Credit check
  • Screening for criminal history
  • Verification of present income
  • Verification of employment details
  • Legal compliance checks
  • Verifying previous addresses mentioned by the applicant and much more.

What is good about modern technology is that it facilitates easy and simple service of background check for landlords thereby making things very convenient and expedient. While the conventional methods were more manual and had their own failures and shortcomings, today automated software systems allow for foolproof tenant screening background checks. Most of these software solutions are created with cutting-edge technology that enable landlords to access innumerable nationwide relevant databases, anytime of the day or night, 365 days a year at very nominal charges. Data that are genuine and correct and portray the applicants in their truest colors!

As a landlord you are required to spend a considerable amount of your time in digging out or researching on all the potential tenants who have send in their application for tenancy. Few essential factors that need to be remembered are:-


  1. Checking the social media handles of the applicants can give meaningful insights for sure.
  2. Using tenant screening software is more advisable because this software is programmed in such a way that they can access national databases and filter out the required information within seconds and minutes. Saves you precious time and the data is much more relevant and trustworthy. Use of such software programs is completely ethical wherein the applicant is informed prior to such screening and you have his approval for the background check.
  3. Meeting face-to-face with shortlisted applicants is an important step in the process. There are few areas that a would-be tenant needs to be questioned firmly – areas that pertain to his income, his current job, previous landlords and relationship with them, his criminal records if any and his credit history.

However, asking applicants direct questions can be a bit awkward and getting this information through any other source can be illegal. Using a dependable software solution can help eliminate all these issues to a great extent.


Tenant screening background check is essential because:-


  1. It is a good idea to screen the background of the tenant prior to making a bad decision and handing your property to the wrong person.
  2. It ensures the safety of not only your real estate, a thorough pre-check of the tenant means that the peace of the apartment and the neighbourhood is maintained at all times.
  3. And lastly it is a guarantee that the lease will run its full term and there will be no bouncing off rental payments.

All this is crucial for your mental peace and to ensure that your estate is in the safest hands!




SOURCE: Tenant Screening Background Check Facilitated By Automated Software Systems